klaine + congrats, you must have fantastic sex

Nothing compares to what we share, I don’t have a care in the world ‘cause even if it all came crashing down, as long as you’re around, I’ll be safe and sound.


Clara Aguilar and Vanessa Mesquita aka CLANESSA. Brazilian “It” couple.

Posted on Apr 14
She’s like my name; I know there’s a time I didn’t have it, but I can’t actually feel what that was like.
- James Bradley, “Finally, We Agree” (The Moth podcast)
Posted on Apr 13


You are not some kind of a saint because you “still think women are beautiful” without makeup on. You do not get brownie points for not being disgusted by women in their natural state. Some women wear a little makeup, some women wear a lot, some women wear none at all and men’s opinions about it are less than worthless. Because we don’t fucking wear it for you.

Posted on Apr 12
Posted on Apr 12

Happy Birthday Jennifer Morrison! (April 12, 1979)